Are you looking for reliable and friendly menopause advice?

Do you remember when you were a young teenager?  Puberty was like a badge of honour and you talked endlessly with your friends about period pains and what was going on with your body.  And then later when you were pregnant you talked with your women friends about all the intimate details of your pregnancy.

So what happened when you started to approach menopause?  Was it still ok to talk to your friends about this new stage?  Or was it suddenly a bit embarrassing?

It was certainly my experience that it was much more difficult to talk to friends about anything to do with menopause.  Maybe that’s because it is seen as a sign of ageing and is viewed in a negative way despite all the positive aspects.

That’s why I decided to write a book that would be like having a knowledgeable friend.  Someone who can help you discover useful information plus tips on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.  Even better, someone who can give you easy to follow mind/body techniques that will help you to get back in control of your symptoms.

‘Hot Women, Cool Solutions™: How to control menopause symptoms using mind/body techniques’ can be your new best friend and it will cost you less than having lunch with one of your women friends!

Each chapter answers commonly asked questions about menopause including:
  • How can I stay cool and sleep better?
  • How do I control my weight?
  • How do I keep my ‘mojo’?

The book comes with access to bonus gifts including The Menopause Workbook, The Stay Cool Hypnotic Recording and the Mindful Weight Loss Hypnotic Recording.

What are you waiting for – go and meet your new friend!