Life Coaching

Are you satisfied with your life?  Do you think you could be achieving more, enjoying your life more, being more of yourself?

Life Coaching has helped many people like you to understand their strengths and capabilities and use them more effectively to achieve what they want from their life.

‘When I came to see you for coaching I had been jobless for 3 months, my social life was poor  and I was starting to feel depressed.  Since our session I have been working part time and I will be going full time next week.  I completed my college course.  I have started going to the gym and I have joined a social group.  I am looking into meditation as a way of helping me relax.  All the work I’m doing includes aspects of the things I’d visualised during our session.  I think your coaching is brilliant!’ GL, Cambridge

“I met with Pat yesterday to get some help with a book I am writing with some colleagues. She was hugely generous in sharing her experience and gave me some fantastic tips and contacts. I came away from my meeting with her excited and motivated to get going. An inspirational lady!” LS, Essex

This is a different form of Life Coaching

Many models of life coaching focus on goal setting and achievement.  The clients I work with often aren’t sure what they want at the beginning of our sessions but they know they aren’t satisfied with where they are.  They feel stuck in some area of their life and they want to move forward.

How Life Coaching could help you

You know that feeling when you are totally enjoying what you are doing and everything seems focused and easy?  That feeling is often described by sportspeople and artists as ‘flow’.  If you decide to work with me I can help you to align your values, beliefs and resources so that you can achieve your purpose and experience that feeling of flow more often.

During coaching sessions it is quite common for limiting thoughts and beliefs to arise.  As a cognitive hypnotherapist I can help you to overcome those so that you can be the best version of you.

I can also help you if there is something you want to change in your relationship.

When you are ready to make the changes, contact me and we can discuss how you can start that journey.