Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Are you concerned about your weight? Have you tried every diet and slimming club with limited success? Have you lost weight and then put it all back on…and more?

Lose Weight

Mindful Weight Loss

There’s plenty of information available about the health problems arising from excess weight such as high blood press, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and lower life expectancy.

Cognitive hypnotherapy can help you to change your relationship to food and how and what you eat. If your BMI of over 30 you may be interested in gastric band hypnosis.

Read what my clients say about the work we did together:

I’ve worked with Pat several times over the last year or two.  Pat creates a safe, welcoming space and helps to explore feelings and behaviors which can be difficult to understand sometimes.  She has helped me stop smoking and also lose weight. I would strongly recommend you get in touch. Mrs RC, Herts

Hi Pat. I thought I must let you know that I was at my doctors last week and he insisted I got on his scales, bearing in mind I have just returned from holiday. He informed that since the last time I was weighed at surgery ,last November, I have lost 8.5 kgs !!!

What you taught me has sunk in!! I do notice that if I am in a shop on my own nowadays I do not pick up the chocolate bar to see me through til lunch or dinner as I used to. Mr DH, Swindon

I would like to thank you for all your help. I came to you at the beginning of this year, hoping you would break my cycle of overeating and help me to lose weight. I had yo-yo dieted for at least the last ten years, and I was tired of it and wanted to tackle the problem for the very last and final time!

We began the ‘sessions’ and I would be lying if I didn’t admit to you now that at the beginning I was a sceptic. My past knowledge of hypnosis started and finished with the type of TV hypnosis shows popular in the 1980’s, where humiliation was the finale.

From the very first day, I was amazed at the relaxant power, the cleansing effect on me, akin to refragging and immediately knew hypnosis was going to work for me. I decided to never analyse how it works, but just embrace it. You also taught me many strategies, simple coping strategies, which help me in every aspect of normal life and which I continue to use every day since.

Now, after my own experience, I recommend your hypnosis to all, for specific problems, like losing weight, or to stop smoking, or help with insomnia or depression, but more than that, because my experience has been totally holistic – I have tackled my weight problem, (currently down two sizes and still going) – I feel grounded, I feel focused, I sleep well, feel calm and I am enjoying life to the full again.

What has happened to me since has been truly wonderful, not only have I lost a considerable amount of weight, but I have renewed my zest for life and that is more important to me than the weight loss – it sounds dramatic – it is!!!

So, once again Pat, thank you. I commend you and wish you continued success with your practice. Jane H (Royston)

“Playing the [weight loss] CD seems to be changing my mindset towards not only myself but also how to cope with other issues. For example, when going round the supermarket…I’m hearing your words from the CD and this seems to be working…Hearing how you’ve personalised the content…makes me smile every time I hear them. So thanks for that!” (Mrs JH, Cambs)

Contact me if you would like to discuss how this could work for you. For an informal chat, call me on 01763 853867