Phobias and fears

If you have phobias or fears you’re not alone! It is estimated that 70% of people have mild phobias and about 20% have an excessive anxiety in a specific situation or in the presence of a specific object.

Pat Duckworth working with client with spider phobia

Pat Duckworth working with journalist Eleanor Dickinson

Phobias can stop you from doing things you want to do and, at worst, they can have a limiting and disrupting effect on your life.

The really good news is that phobias and fears can be eliminated. With Cognitive Hypnotherapy you can achieve positive results  in a short time.

Getting rid of your fear will help you to get back in control of your life and do all the things you want to do.

I recently helped a local journalist with her spider phobia

Testimonials from my clients:

‘Thank you for all your help with my needle phobia. The dentist commented how I dealt with the situation better this time.  It definitely felt easier having ‘practiced’ it mentally repeatedly. It will be such a relief to get my dental work done and out of the way.’ DS Cambs

‘I went to [Pat Duckworth] because I had a needle phobia. I only had one session and I was “cured”. In fact she sorted it out so fast that she had time to sort out a couple of other things whilst I was there!’ CB, Royston

‘Many thanks for your help with my phobia. I am greatly encouraged and will do my utmost to methodically practice what you have conveyed to me so that hopefully I can dismiss this unnecessary intruder in my life. I could recommend you to anyone. We will see how things progress. Meanwhile sincere thanks.’ PW Herts

‘I came to see Pat because I was anxious about having a minor medical procedure. I used my relaxation recordings & breathing with great success to calm myself pre-operatively. I have since used them to just balance & relax!  Thank you very much indeed.

I am happy to recommend Pat to any friends that would benefit from your skills.  Mrs AR, Herts

“Pat recently worked with me to resolve and overcome issues with claustrophobia with hypnosis. With a long haul trip planned to the other side of the world I knew I needed to tackle the ever increasing anxiety I felt about getting on the plane for so long.

Following my hypnosis session I felt calm and collected and the anxiety had reduced considerably. I also had an MP3 recording to listen to before and during my travels which helped keep me focused and present. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and coped with unexpected delays as well en route. Thank you Pat highly recommend. ” MM London

“A couple of years ago I visited you for help with overcoming a fear of flying.

With the help of your fantastic personalised relaxation recording and all the advice you gave me I not only managed to fly to South America for my honeymoon but have also just returned from Japan. I listen to my recording before boarding, and my confidence has been building hugely. When any turbulence hits I have been able to control my panic. On my flight home this week I boarded the plane for the first time feeling completely relaxed. I never thought this would have been possible.

Thank you so much- 2 years ago I thought I would never board a plan again!” NW, Herts

“Flying is now not so stressful thanks to you!  I listened to your relaxation track before I got on the plane and composed myself.  We had a fab holiday and feel refreshed. Thank you!” Ms KB, Herts

“Thank you for making such a difference [to my fear of heights]. I am now much more confident and enjoying a marvellous holiday. I have been cliff walking without a qualm and enjoying meeting interesting people on this trip.” Mrs SH, Royston

“I have suffered from a debilitating fear of heights. I decided to do something about it and saw Pat. She did very useful visualization exercises with me. I was able to climb up to trees in an adventure park. It was a profound emotional experience for me, being able to break free from my fear. I was able to calm myself up in the trees using Pats exercises. Thank you thank you thank you Pat! Pat is also a wonderful woman, a great communicator and a truly beautiful soul! Ms JT London

“Just a few lines to thank you for making our holiday great. Not only was I able to go into the smaller airplanes and looked down but I enjoyed an elephant ride, walked over many bridges and even looked over the edge of the Victoria Falls. Edges being what was my biggest fear. With your help now all the holiday experiences were undertaken with joy and enthusiasm instead of gritted determination (or not at all). Thank you for changing my life for the better.” Mrs SG, Hertfordshire

Dog PhobiaFor over 30 years I have had a phobia – black/brown dogs of reasonable size, German Shepherds in particular. As a child I was attacked twice – and throughout my adult life I have remained very wary around dogs but in particular those of such colouring.

Pat offered to help ages ago …….. but only recently did I take up her offer when faced with visiting a friend with a black German Shepherd! I had avoided visiting her for two years because of my fear. Just 15 minutes with Pat, and a very amusing 15 minutes too, was all it required! I was calm on arriving at my friends house, and immediately bonded with her dog and started to play ball! In the 24 hours I spent with her and her dog, I felt calm and at ease.

After 30 years of fear, 15 minutes of fun is all it took! Thank you Pat. X” Mrs JL, Shepreth

“Two years ago you gave me just one treatment for my fear of heights. We have just returned from our holiday in Switzerland; which was wonderful.  It was wonderful because I was able to go on cablecars, go up mountains on trains. All without the slightest feeling of concern. Looking out on the beautiful scenery and even looking down on a flying eagle is priceless. Thank you Pat, this is all down to you.” Mrs SG, Herts

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