Your Daily ‘To Don’t’ List

When I am coaching clients I often encourage them to have a to-do list.  This not only helps to give structure to your actions, you also get a burst of the hormone dopamine as you tick things off your list and move towards your goal.  This contributes to your feelings of happiness.

To help with time management I also suggest having a to-don’t list for the things that steal your time and stop your progress.  These things can arise in a couple of ways.  Firstly there are the things that you enjoy doing but they are a waste of time if you do them for significant periods.  How much time do you spend playing computer games or looking at social media?  If it’s too much, put it on your to-don’t list.

Secondly, there are the things you do when you don’t want to do something you need to.  I remember when I had essays to write for my OU degree, I would suddenly find cleaning the bathroom or unblocking the drains very attractive occupations!  If you have jobs that don’t need doing, put them on your to-don’t list and concentrate on the activities that will take you towards your goal.

It is important to recognise when you are procrastinating and think about why you are putting off those important tasks. Is there a fear attached to the task or is just a job that you don’t love doing?  What action could you take to overcome that fear or outsource the job?

So what can you put on your to-don’t list today?