Do you stop yourself from doing some things because you just don’t feel confident enough to try? Just ask yourself “What would I do if you knew I couldn’t fail”? That’s confidence.

Many people suffer from a lack of confidence in some area of their life at home as well as at work. You are not alone if you think you could be far more successful if you didn’t worry about failing.

Read what some of my clients said:

Since my session with you I have been driving an 18ton truck  down to Hambledon in Surrey and through Central London on numerous occasions would you believe it!!! Although I still find it a bit daunting and I still doubt myself on occasions I am able to overcome my fears.

I want to thank you Pat for helping me find a way through my emotions. I have used hypnosis twice now and have been so impressed with how it can help people through what they perceive to be impossible situations. If I ever need to, I hope I can come back and see you…you have helped me immensely so I thank you once again. Ms DF, (Herts)

“The confidence I found with you has really, really helped. I can just walk in and talk to strangers openly now and not worry at all about what they are thinking.” Mrs MM (Cambs)

‘I just wanted to thank you again for your help and excellent advice. After a disappointing first run, I have now found my stride and successfully delivered two workshops. Next week I will be delivering a new session but I feel I can handle it.

My sleep and confidence are gradually improving too, allowing me to build up my client base and start enjoying my work more. I am introducing more of the techniques you suggested and so far so good – I’m making progress slowly but surely!’ Ms CT, Herts

I can help you overcome those feelings using self-help techniques and hypnosis, so that you can walk into meetings, make that presentation at work or deliver that brilliant Best Man speech that you have written in your head.

If you would like to discuss how I could help you with your confidence issue, call me for an informal chat on 01763 953867.