Smarter Menopause

Midlife is a busy time for most women. You may be approaching the peak of your career at the same time as dealing with children getting to leave home, parents needing more support and managing your personal relationships.

And then along come perimenopause (the years leading up to menopause). Suddenly you are starting to experience unexpected symptoms such as anxiety, poor sleep, and weight gain. Who can you talk to? Where do you get reliable information. It can feel very isolating.

Menopause is not an illness. It is a natural phase in your life, just like puberty. For some women it is a positive experience but for others menopause can be challenging.

Whether you choose to take hormone therapy or not, a holistic approach that includes lifestyle changes, stress management and relaxation can provide much needed support and relief.

I have a number of options to support you depending on what you need.

Demystifying Menopause

There has been so much in the media about menopause in the past year or so you would think that we would all know everything we need to know, right? Wrong! You may still feel confused because the advice is contradictory and not always clear. Who can you believe?

For the Demystifying Menopause Summit I brought together nine menopause specialists to talk about their area of expertise. It included sessions on early menopause, nutrition, exercise, hormone therapy, managing menopause in the workplace, breathing exercises and more. 

Attendees found the sessions really enlightening and helpful. Here are some of their comments:

‘Thank you so much for the excellent Webinar on Friday.  I’ve learnt loads from it and found them extremely helpful in recognising my own symptoms and was encouraged to seek relevant help.’

‘Thank you to all the speakers and to Pat and Sharon and all in making this event today, I have really enjoyed all of the talks, I have taken away so much, Thank you again ‘ TK, Manchester

‘It was super! Thank you so much for organising it. I gave the details to a few of my clients so I hope they came along. I was very impressed with its organisation and the content.’ SA, High Wycombe

‘Gosh so much info. thank you so much. Am pleased to have found out more about nutrition and exercise.’

The recordings of all the sessions are now available to buy so you can watch them in your own time.

Smarter Menopause

You may prefer to have personalised support. The Smarter Menopause TM approach provides practical steps to aid sleep, weight management, anxiety reduction  and to cool the hot flushes.

We can work together at your pace and make the changes at a rate that works for you.

Here’s what my clients say:

Talking to Pat has been incredible, as she not only understands what you’re experiencing, but also explains what to do about it. My hot flushes which were making my life pretty miserable, are now much reduced. She has shown me what my individual triggers are for them and how to control them. The sessions I’ve had with Pat have been hugely beneficial, and have covered many things including diet, stress reduction and getting my work/home balance where I want it to be.
Pat has a wealth of ideas and techniques that she teaches you through, as well as informative emails tailored to your specific needs. She is also easy to talk to with a warm and friendly personality. I would recommend her to anyone!” Mrs KT, Herts

I would be happy to work with you to improve your personal experiences of the changes. Contact me to book a free 30 minute consultation so that I can understand more about what you are experiencing and how I could help you.

Menopause Cafe Royston

Experiencing Menopause Symptoms can feel isolating. Is it just you who feels anxious or can’t find the door keys or can’t get to sleep at night? No it isn’t!

Menopause Cafes are an opportunity to drink tea and coffee and talk about menopause with no preset agenda. They are free and open to everyone regardless of age and gender.  There are no sales or promotions – apart from the refreshments – and there is no intention of leading participants to any conclusion, product or course of action.

The next Menopause Cafe Royston is an online event at 7pm on Tuesday 29 November. You can register here.