Menopause is not an illness. It is a natural phase in your life. For some women it is a positive experience but for others menopause can be accompanied by a range of symptoms including hot flashes, disrupted sleep, weight gain, anxiety, loss of confidence and tiredness.

How to control menopause symptoms using mind/body techniques

How to control menopause symptoms using mind/body techniques

Using mind/body techniques you can get your symptoms under control and get on with enjoying your life.

Here’s what my clients say:

“I used the [hypnotic recording] tape a lot initially. At present I have perhaps 5 flushes per week, which is a big reduction. The trigger is stress/anxiety eg work deadlines, family issues. Overall, they do not seem to bother me as much. I suspect that the message “this is normal” is effective.” Dr CM (Cambs)

” I’m a 52 year old woman who needed some help and advice regarding the menopause and in particular ‘hot flushes’. I’d tried various homeopathic remedies without success and was reluctant to go down the HRT route.
Talking to Pat has been incredible, as she not only understands what you’re experiencing, but also explains what to do about it. My hot flushes which were making my life pretty miserable, are now much reduced. She has shown me what my individual triggers are for them and how to control them. The sessions I’ve had with Pat have been hugely beneficial, and have covered many things including diet, stress reduction and getting my work/home balance where I want it to be.
Pat has a wealth of ideas and techniques that she teaches you through, as well as informative emails tailored to your specific needs. She is also easy to talk to with a warm and friendly personality. I would recommend her to anyone!” Mrs KT, Herts


If you are considering a natural approach to menopause, you might be interested in recent research results on the effectiveness of hypnosis for lessening the effects of hot flushes. Published by Science Daily in July 2010, the research reported how “cool” imagery can reduce the sensation of heat. You can view this report at

I can help you to control common menopause symptoms including hot flushes, weight loss, mood swings and confidence using a range of easy to learn techniques, lifestyle changes and nutrition advice.

I would be happy to work with you to improve your personal experiences of the changes. Call for an informal chat on 01763 853867.