Gastric Band Hypnosis

Recently there has been lots of publicity about gastric band as an aid to weight loss, particularly the cases involving celebrities. In the surgical procedure, a band is fastened around the top part of the stomach producing a small pouch that limits the amount of food the client can comfortably eat. The surgical method is expensive and carries all of the risks and side effects associated with having surgery. Gastric Band Hypnosis

Gastric Band Hypnosis is a completely safe and relaxing technique. It involves the use of hypnosis, and neurolinguistic programming to convince your brain that you have been fitted with a gastric band. You will be completely in control throughout the process.

This is what one client said:

I am what is known as “morbidly obese” and was offered bariatric surgery to remedy this. However, having researched this thoroughly I realised that it is not the walk in the park that it’s made out to be. A chance meeting with a woman who had had surgery five years previously and lost all her excess pounds only to put it all back, convinced me that before contemplating any kind of surgery I had first to deal with my food demons. Cue Pat Duckworth! Gastric band hypnotherapy is a safer and more affordable alternative.

Not only did Pat help me discover the real issues behind my overeating, she then went on, when she knew I was ready, to give me gastric band hypnotherapy. Since then I have lost two stone and I can honestly say it’s been effortless. I still have a long road ahead but I know that with Pat’s support I will make it back to health and fitness.

Her sessions are held in a calm and relaxed atmosphere and there is nothing to fear in the hands of this expert. Go for it!” Mrs AW, Cambs

5 hypnotherapy sessions £395

The procedure involves 5 sessions:

Before I meet you I will ask you to complete a short intake form and I will ask you to start keeping a food journal.

Session 1 – I will review your food journal and take your case history. I will also explore with you your issues around eating and weight gain. From that, I will agree with you the approach to your therapy and explain the gastric band hypnosis procedure.

Session 2 – We will work on any emotional triggers for your eating and prepare for the virtual surgery.

Session 3 is the hypnotic gastric band surgery session. Prior to this session I will ask you to follow some pre- and post-operative instructions.

Session 4 is a follow-up session to make any adjustments to your hypnotic gastric band

Session 5*   is a follow up session to monitor your progress.

*You can swap session 4 or 5 for a session with a nutritionist.

Will gastric band hypnosis work for me?

Gastric band hypnosis is part of a weight loss program for anyone with a BMI of over 30. In some situations it may be suitable for those with a BMI of over 25. However, it’s important that you talk to me first to discuss your weight and diet history so that I can decide if this is a suitable procedure for you.

If you want to lose a small amount of weight, contact me to discuss a modified program .

How successful is Gastric Band Hypnosis?

The success of this procedure is dependent on your motivation and how serious you are about losing weight. It’s not about dieting or a temporary fix. It is about a different relationship to food and eating. You will be required to participate fully in the process and engage in changing your lifestyle and eating habits.

Do you offer any guarantees for Gastric Band Hypnosis?

As with any medical or therapy procedure, there are no 100% guarantees and you should be wary of any one who offers such a guarantee. It will be most successful if you are fully involved in the therapy.

My role as your therapist is to guide you in the process and provide you with some unique tools to achieve your weight loss goals. I will work very hard with you to achieve your weight loss goal and I expect you to do so too. If you are motivated to lose weight and follow the guidelines that I give you, you will lose weight.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the 5 sessions, including hypnotic recordings and any other written material, is £395. There are no added costs.

What do I do now?

First calculate your BMI here

If your BMI is over 30 and you are interested in gastric band hypnosis, contact me today on 01763 853867 and we can discuss whether it is suitable for you. I will then send you an intake form and some more information about the process.