Nail biting

Let’s face it, nail biting is not a life threatening problem but it can lead you to feel less confident or even embarrassed when other people look at your hands. And these days there is much more focus on hands and nails because of the availability of nail bar manicures.

It could be that nail biting is just a habit that you started and don’t know how to stop. Or it could be that you only bite your nails when you feel certain negative emotions.

Here is what one of my clients said:

Hi Pat

tn-1I am sending you a picture of my lovely nails…I have bitten my nails for many years, so resulting to having to wear false nails, which cost so much money each month. You made me feel at ease and I was very happy for you to work with me. I only had to have one session with you, and I managed to grow my nails…I am thrilled. I have now taken to painting nail art onto my lovely long nails…

So I would like to thanks you so much for helping me achieve this. I highly recommend you to all my friends.

Linda Turner

Whatever the cause, I can help you to stop biting your nails so that you can feel proud and confident whenever you go to shake hands with someone.

If you want to discuss how I could help you to stop biting your nails, contact me for an informal chat on 01763 853867.