Exam Nerves

Exam Nerves

Are you struggling with revision or exams? Do you feel like the information just won’t ‘stick’?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, your brain is designed to learn. But we all have different ways of learning new things and retrieving that information for exams. You might have been put off of learning when you were young and at school but it’s never too late to develop a more effective learning style.

If learning isn’t a problem but you dread taking exams, it can have a major impact on your performance. I can work with you to overcome those fears using NLP techniques and hypnosis. I can help you prepare for your driving test, interview or any sort of academic examination so that you can learn to feel confident and relaxed.

Read what a client said:

I have been meaning to report that I have been regularly using your CD, though not usually at night as it sent me to sleep before I heard it all! So I relaxed with it daily and took in its messages, feeling increasingly confident and certainly less uptight about it all.

Regular use meant that I was able to relax completely yesterday morning while listening to it so that I set off for my warm-up and the exam in a less fraught condition. I have also been reinforcing my trigger on a daily basis but have often failed to remember to use it. I needed it in my exam to regain my composure after a glitch and it worked. So thank you for all you did for me. Mrs LS, Richmond

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