A Festive Recipe

Last week, along with the sales catalogues and Christmas cards, I received a flyer from a local firm of solicitors with a special offer. It was for free initial advice on divorce and family law. The offer ends on 31 January. This is not a piece of random marketing because family law solicitors are particularly busy at this time of year.
Relationships can come under pressure for a variety of reasons; seasonal depression, financial pressure, anticipating spending time with relatives, an excess of alcohol at parties etc. Some people see Christmas or the New Year as an arbitary deadline for getting their lives sorted out.
If you are in an abusive relationship then you need to take action. But if your relationship is just at a low ebb, stop, think again and consider taking some relationship advice or therapy.
There are lots of new and traditional recipes around at this time of year so how about a recipe for  happier Christmas relationships?
A good helping of patience
A pinch of time spent alone with your partner
An extra helping of laughter and fun
One cup of tea (served hot to partner in bed)
A handful of hugs to increase happiness hormones
A helping of shared exercise for health and well-being
A generous helping of happy memories that you’ve shared
Combine all of the ingredients. Look back over the happy memories and make them as vivid as possible so that you can really enjoy them.  Review the highlights with your partner every evening to ensure that everything is cooking well. At the end of three days review all of the new happy memories and store them away for easy retrieval during the year.
Best wishes for a Happy Christmas 2011.