Confessions of a Running Beginner

Regular exercise is important to me as part of my overall fitness and wellbeing.  I get bored easily so I try to have a selection of types of exercises that I can choose from.  So I vary between the gym, swimming, Pilates and using the Wii.  
Couch to 5k
I had never been interested in running until some friends told me about the NHS Couch to 5k programme.  It is an audio running plan that you can download from  It takes complete running beginners to running for 5k (or 30 minutes) in nine weeks.
What I like about this programme is that as well as the 5k goal, there are goals for each week so you get lots of opportunity to achieve and feel good about your progress.  There’s also good music to run to and positive reinforcement from Laura who encourages and congratulates you as you go along.
I’ve really enjoyed jogging around the area where I live during the summer months.  What I have had to overcome is the negative thoughts that come into my head when I’m running such as ‘You don’t have to do this – you could turn around now’ and ‘You’ll never run for 25 minutes’ and ‘Aren’t you too old for this now?’  Fortunately, as a sports mind coach, I know  that these thoughts aren’t true and that there’s lots of techniques I can use to overcome them.  The important thing to do is to acknowledge the thought and understand that it is just a belief that you can change.
I can now run for 30 minutes but I haven’t reached 5k yet so there is still a goal to achieve.  So, come on Laura – let’s get those running shoes on!