Happy Easter!

The weather’s lovely, there’s a long weekend to enjoy and I can start eating chocolate again!  Every year I give up chocolate for Lent and, as I love chocolate in all its forms, it is a real trial.  I did have a piece of chocolate cake on my birthday but I think that’s allowable.  The first mouthful of Easter egg will be fantastic.
As an NLP practitioner and a hypnotherapist I do have some techniques that help to control the craving.  I could use an aversion technique, which is very effective, but I want to eat chocolate in the future so I won’t do that.
A really useful technique for controlling any sort of craving is ‘spinning’.  Feelings often start in the tummy area and move upwards in a circular motion.  If you reverse that motion you can reduce feline.  Follow these steps the next time you have an unwanted craving.
1.       As you start to experience the feeling of craving, notice where it starts and how it moves in a particular direction.  Connect the end to the beginning so that you have a spinning circle. 
2.       If that feeling had a colour, what colour would it be?
3.       Move that spinning circle outside your body and notice the speed it spins at.
4.       Now, slow down the spinning and reverse the direction of the spin
5.       Change the colour to the colour of calmness.
6.       Bring that calm circle back down into your body.
7.       Notice how the feeling of craving has reduced or gone.
Have a Happy and Peaceful Easter