Stop Snoring!

Thursday, 7 July, 2011 15:49:15

Pat Duckworth    

Is there anything more annoying than being awake in the middle of the night – listening to your partner snoring?  They sound like they are really enjoying being asleep and you feel so miserable!  Apparently nearly three quarters of all partners sleep apart regularly because one or both partners snore (Woman’s Hour 30 June).
If you are being kept awake by snoring it’s important to find a solution both for your relationship and for your health.   Sleep deprivation over a prolonged period has devastating effects mentally and physically.
There are a number of options for treatment, some of which are less intrusive than others
·         devices you can wear in your mouth,
·         chin straps to keep the mouth closed
·          plasters you can wear across the nose to keep the airway open
·         throat sprays
·         laser treatment
·         ear plugs (for the listener)
There is an online snoring test that you can do at  This helps you to find out what sort of snorer you are and discover appropriate treatments.
As a hypnotherapist I work with both the snorer and the ‘listener’.  I help the former with hypnotic suggestions about breathing easier and I help the latter with suggestions about relaxing and not noticing the sound.  And sometimes that sound can be comforting because it means that your partner is safely asleep beside you.