Stoptober is the month to stop smoking

1st October is the start of the NHS month long campaign to encourage people to give up smoking.

I have worked with a number of clients who wanted to stop smoking but I don’t take on every smoker who asks for my help.  First I want to know first how motivated they are to quit.  If they are already feeling some of the health effects of smoking, such as breathing problems, high blood pressure or strokes then I know that they are ready to commit.  Finances are another great motivator and, for women, the effects on their appearance can be very powerful.

So, if you are thinking about stopping smoking, start by reviewing your reasons and measure how strong that motivation is on a scale of 0 to 10.  The clearer you are about your reasons the more likely you are to succeed.

Once you have decided, tell a friend or someone you trust that you are going to stop.  Ask them to check how you are doing on a regular basis.  Making your decision public is another indicator of success.

Finally, think about whether you need any support.  Many chemists offer resources and programmes to help people stop smoking.  During October, the NHS Stoptober website is offering a support pack, a mobile app, text and email support.  Just go to