Step Away from the Buffet

Buffets are the enemy of weight control. But what is that about?

Lose Weight

Mindful Weight Loss

I was on a cruise ship recently. Breakfast and lunch were buffet meals and every day was like a battlefield as passengers elbowed each other out of the way to get to the plentiful food. Plates were piled high with a strange mixture of fish, meat, salad, hot vegetables.

You would never order those combinations from a menu so why do we do it at buffets?

Your Caveman Brain

Our human brains formed when we were cave people. When you were a cave person, (it’s a long time ago, you won’t remember it), all food was seasonal. You ate whatever was available because you didn’t know when you would be able to have it again. If it was summer and there was a lot of variety, you ate some of everything. You brain was hard-wired to make the most of all the variety of nutrition.

We may have evolved over the intervening thousands of years and food may now be available all year but our brains are still structured in the same way. And that’s why buffets are so dangerous if you are trying to get rid of unwanted weight.

Develop a Buffet Strategy

If you want to shift those pounds, avoid eating out at buffets. If you can’t avoid it have a strategy to deal with the temptation and keep your willpower strong:

  • Only visit the buffet once
  • Pick a smaller plate
  • Avoid the carbohydrates such as the potatoes, rice, pasta and bread
  • Choose the lean proteins such as fish and chicken
  • Enjoy the vegetables and salads
  • Put any sauce or dressing on the side of the plate and limit how much you eat
  • Eat it all slowly and mindfully aware of the textures and flavours
  • Be prepared to leave food on your plate if you realise to have eaten enough
  • If you want a dessert, choose one and enjoy it.

If you need any help with losing weight contact me and we can discuss how I could help you.