Three Gifts

One of the exercises that I ask clients to do when they are experiencing low mood or stress is called “Three Gifts”.  It involves thinking of gifts that you have received during the day and selecting your top three.  These are not the big gifts that we wrap up for Christmas and birthdays.  These are the small things from people and nature like a hug or a kiss, or rays of sun shining through clouds or the colour of autumn leaves.
When you start off doing this it can be a bit tough but once you get into the swing of it, it’s a lovely way to end the day.  If you can involve a partner or friend and discuss them together it’s even better.
What brought this to mind was getting up this morning and looking out of the window at a scene covered in a deep, white frost.  I was overwhelmed by all the amazing sights; white trees silhouetted against a pale blue sky, icy cob webs, creamy coloured sheep grazing ridged white fields, red berries shining out of frozen hedges and hot steaming tea when I got home.  And then the sun came out and by early afternoon it was all transformed.
So what will your three gifts be today?  Enjoy them and look forward to tomorrow’s choices.