Vicky and the Taboo Subject Part 2

So, in a plot twist in the Archers, it turns out that Vicky’s missed period is not the first sign of menopause.  She’s pregnant.  This is a surprise to both Vicky and her husband Mike and will no doubt give the script writers plenty to play with.

Many women experience irregular periods in the stage leading up to the menopause (that is the time when periods stop completely).  During this stage it is possible to get pregnant even if you are taking Hormone Therapy.  As a general guideline, women should wait for two clear years after their last period before stopping contraception.

If you are over 45 and taking the Pill for contraception, it may mask the early signs of the menopause and you may not be aware that your natural hormone levels are depleting.  If you are in a new relationship, it is best to use a barrier method such as condoms because of the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.  There are also a range of intrauterine devices (IUDs) or coils that you can consider.  There is a coil which releases progesterone directly into the womb and this can help if you are experiencing heavy bleeds.