Growing Pains

As soon as the sun starts to warm up in the Spring, the urge to get outside is overwhelming.  Yesterday I rushed out into the garden to mow the lawn, pull out the weeds and prune the bushes.  All that pushing, pulling and bending without doing any warm-up exercises inevitably leads to aches and pains the next day.  Sounds familiar?
If you have severe back pain after you have been gardening you may need to consult your doctor.  If you have an annoying ache, there’s a simple NLP technique developed by Richard Bandler that you might like to try.  You may prefer to have someone else ask you the questions so that you can concentrate on the answers.
1.       If your pain had a shape, what shape would it be?
2.       If your pain had a colour, what colour would it be?
3.       If the background had a colour, what colour would it be?
4.       If you were to make the shape the same colour as the background, would it need to get lighter of darker?
5.       Now make the shape lighter/darker until it’s the same colour as the background, so that you can only just make out the faint outline of the shape.
6.       Now make it smaller and smaller until it’s as small as it can possibly be before it disappears.
7.       Now make it smaller still so that you can look at the background and find that the shape has gone.
8.       If healing had a colour what would it be?  Allow that colour to flow all over the background.  Flowing all over from top to bottom and side to side, everywhere that it needs to flow for your back to feel completely comfortable and free from that feeling that you had.  And when it’s done you can relax completely.
Happy gardening.