Save 5

I met T Sandeman-Charles at Royston Business Network last week.  She is a lovely, cheerful, passionate woman who wants to save 50,000 lives.  T has two serious lung diseases and will soon need a lung transplant but she knows that there are a limited number of suitable donors.  T says that she will die smiling if she is able to recruit 10,000 organ donors who could then save or benefit 50,000 lives.
“As to how I feel about having these 2 diseases now.  Well in truth I now know why I have these 2 diseases.  It is because if I didn’t, Save5 would never exist and the fact that I will, with the help of others registering online, mean that we could save or transform a minimum of 5,000 lives – I’ve come to terms with having the diseases now – no matter what the outcome is for me. “
Another member of RBN said that she has a friend who is waiting for a transplant.  It raised the spirits of the whole family when the hospital contacted them to say that they might have a suitable organ.  A bit of hope can really improve the outcome for someone in this situation.
So if you haven’t yet registered to be an organ donor visit and ”Join and Be Proud”.