If I can, you can

I have just spent the weekend on a Winning Mind Coaching course taught by Trevor Silvester of the Quest Institute.  I knew it was going to involve juggling and, as someone who has trouble with coordination, balance and catching a ball, I knew it was going to be a challenge.
Winning sports performance depends on so much more that physical fitness.  Top sports men and women also have to pay attention to their mental  and emotional fitness.  Most traditional coaching approaches are based on goal setting and planning to achieve those goals.  This is important because we tend to get what we aim for and also the achievement of goals releases ‘happiness hormones’ into our blood stream.
The cognitive hypnotherapy approach to sports mind coaching considers the issues that can support or stop us from achieving such as motivation, resilience, self-belief and focus.  It can also help with improving physical performance through accelerated practice, modelling excellence and visualisation.
So, did I manage to learn how to juggle over the weekend.  Well, I was officially the worst performer at the beginning of the course and had to start from learning how to throw one ball from hand to hand – and catch it!  By day 3 I was throwing and catching two balls with some consistency.  More importantly I had let go of the limiting belief that I couldn’t catch a ball and I was enjoying the experience of learning.  I will definitely be carrying on until I master 3 balls.