Lose Weight – Top Tip

Often when I meet new people and mention that I am a hypnotherapist, the conversation turns to losing weight.  I generally ask one question, get the same reply and then give them my top tip to lose weight.  Some accept it but many say “I can’t do that.  I enjoy my food”.

When I work with people on weight loss I am really working to change their relationship to food.  The first thing I do is break old habits associated with eating and search out any negative emotions that are tied to those habits.  If food is a crutch, I don’t want to kick the crutch away until the client is strong enough to stand up on their own.  This isn’t about punishing people or stopping them from eating things they enjoy, it’s about putting them back in control so that they can chose what they like to eat and how much of it.

So what is my question?  “Do you eat quickly or slowly?”  Most people who are overweight reply “Quickly”.  So I tell them my top tip is slow down.  Really take your time when you eat to enjoy every mouthful.  If you do that, your stomach has time to send the signal when it has had enough and you can stop eating before you’ve had unnecessary calories. 

It works, honestly!