MIND Report on Stress at Work

The mental health charity, MIND, have published a survey today as part of their Taking care of Business campaign (see http://www.mind.org.uk/ ).  They surveyed 2,000 people and asked them about their stress levels and what support they received at work.
The results showed that people felt that work was the most stressful thing in their lives.  20% of people believed that if they mentioned their stress levels to their boss they would be first in line for redundancy and 48% of respondents are scared to take time off sick.
MIND are concerned that unaddressed mental health issues are “reaching fever-pitch as hard-pressed businesses pass on the strain to workers”.  They are calling for employers to create an open culture where employees can discuss mental health issues and to treat them with the same importance as physical health issues.
If you are feeling stressed at work what can you do?  Does your employer have policies for mental health issues?  Is there a welfare officer you can talk to in confidence?  Are you a member of a Trade Union or Staff Association with a welfare officer?  Do you need to talk to your doctor or another health professional?  Where else could you look for advice and support?
Don’t let stress build up.  Don’t suffer in silence.