Performance Matters

I’m an enthusiastic supporter of the England Cricket Team, and as any supporter of any England sports team knows, it’s a real emotional roller coaster ride.  One day you’re celebrating the Ashes win and thinking that they’ve finally got a winning team.  The next day you’re watching in disbelief as they get beaten by Ireland.  You know that all of them are talented sportsmen and you’ve seen them turn out fantastic performances.  You know that as a Team they can work brilliantly together as a unit and look unbeatable.  So what goes wrong?

The Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Trevor Sylvester, says that there is a misconception about the nature of ‘genius’ in sport.   Rather than saying some sports people are geniuses, it would be more correct to say that some, like Kevin Pietersen, have a genius and sometimes you see it in action and sometimes you don’t.  So what can you do to make that more consistent?  And if you enjoy your own sport, how can you improve your own performance?

Sportsmen and women work hard on their physical fitness and many work now on their mental fitness.  That’s not just about having a positive approach to competing and winning.  Bearing in mind that over 90% of our actions are governed by our unconscious minds, there are many other aspects of performance you can work on using NLP techniques to:

·         set goals for success
·         increase focus,
·         improve your skills and ability,
·         Recover from injury
·         visualise success and
·         maximise confidence
So come on Graham Gooch, give me a ring and let’s win the Cricket World Cup!